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Remontowa Lighting Technologies

Remontowa Lighting Technologies S.A. stock company with its registered office in Gdansk belongs to Remontowa Holding stock company, which consists of 26 companies connected with naval industry. As a stock company we have existed on the market since 1992, but our tradition and experience in lighting industry goes back to year 1955, the year of foundation of Robotnicza Wytwórnia Urzadzeń Elektrotechnicznych, which in the 70's was transformed into ZSO POLAM - Gdańsk. The main share-holder is Shiprepair Yard "Remontowa " stock company.




                            We supply our costumers with modern and technologically advanced lighting to especially difficult work conditions, included hazardous areas of explosion.


The main part of Remontowa Lighting Technologies S.A. stock company offer are:


  • fluorescent, incandescent and discharge luminaires
  • sodium, methalide and halogen flood-lights luminaires
  • emergency and evacuation luminaires
  • sockets and plugs, junction boxes, switches, cable glands


  • hermetic, fluorscent, incadescent and discharge luminaires
  • sodium, metal halide, mercuric and halogen flood-lights


  • recessed luminaires 
  • suspended luminaires
  • emergency and evacuation luminaires


  • deck and hold floodlights
  • fluorscent, hermetic luminaires for decks, holds and goods compartments
  • fluorscent, incadescent, halogen luminaires for cabins, corridors, wheelhouses, kitchens, cold stores on ships as well as for shops and entertainment compartments on ferries


All POLAM-REM S.A products meet the European norms, possess CE symbol as well as explosion-proof ATEX. Additionaly maritime luminaires meet requirements of European Clasification Societies as DNV, LRS, GL, RINA, RMRS, PRS and others. The selected luminaires have HIGIENIC CERTIFICATE signed by National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw.


The offered products are distributed by the electro technical warehouses networks on the domestic market, that allows for full customer access just in time and any place in Poland. We also export our luinaires to European countries such as: Germany, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Esthonia, Iceland, Bulgaria, Great Britain or to the United States and others.

Polam Rem SA Produkcja

Polam Rem SA Produkcja

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